Sunday, January 29, 2017

Creative Passion and Drive - It's TACO TIME

The expression 'creative passion' is an easy concept to throw around in the photography or commercial marketing world. We all use it from time to time and, in many cases, it's an accurate way to describe some folks, yet sometimes it is more of a catch phrase. With our loveOttawa project we get to meet a lot of interesting people and some of the most creatively passionate ones that we photograph are chefs.

The other evening I had the treat to photograph Chef Barry Moore at ACE Mercado while he was in the kitchen creating some very special tacos that he'll be sharing for ACE's special Valentine's Day dinner service. Barry's passion and drive is more than just cooking and creating, it's the ingredients and the origins of those ingredients. What I can add to this is, I'm so glad that is his passion, because the tacos were soooo delicious! :) Thanks Barry!

©Dwayne Brown