Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hospitality Complimented by Authentic Personality.

We were pretty happy to have the Westin Ottawa ask us to put together a proposal, to photograph profile portraits of their senior service and sales staff. Yes they are an international hotel brand, and yes they have some pretty cool spaces to shoot, but it's much more than that. From our dealings at The Westin with our loveOttawa project, we've pleasantly learned that they are much more like a family, than a big business. Many of the staff have worked for the hotel for 10, 20 and some almost 30 years. Everyone's so happy and ready to help you!

We ended up selecting one of their executive suites to shoot in, to give the portraits a subtle hotel context. We didn't want the images to be stuffy or too ostentatious. We wanted the portraits to be friendly, authentic and full of light. We really wanted the photos to reflect their brand. All that said, it was one of our favourite portrait shoots. Our client Cait Lobocki was a treat to work with and everyone such a pleasure to photograph.

Thanks to everyone at The Westin who made the shoot such a success!

Dwayne + Anita  

©Dwayne Brown

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