Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Value of Trust, Fun and Authenticity.

In this ever changing and fast moving 'social media' world of corporate communications, it's cool to meet and work with someone with fresh ideas and an authentic approach. This week Anita and I had the opportunity to work with Michaela Alexis, who's the new Social + Content Marketing person at Grade A.

Michaela is working hard to compliment Grade A's reputation as a trusted IT Service Company, into also a fun inclusive place to work in Ottawa. She has very effectively and authentically created a whole bunch of social media caché for Grade A, by putting her very own story out there on LinkedIn, to shine light on the very company who has hired her.

Honest, fresh and fun!

© Dwayne Brown

We so love working with clients like Grade A, who value authentic imagery and giving their employees a great environment to do their work. Keep an eye on Michaela and all the good folks at Grade A! :)

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