Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Inspiration of Emerging Talent

I've been shooting for more than half my life and I'm still mesmerized by what inspires me. Inspiration comes in so many forms. It might be something I see or experience, it might be music or even just the feeling of the day. Sometimes I'm inspired by another photographer's imagery or just by being surrounded by a creative environment. The one thing that is always consistent when I am inspired, is that I'm also humbled in a way. Humility is an amazing concept that I believe is also the gateway to strength and confidence. Of late, I've been very inspired by my creative partner Anita's hunger to create imagery. Anita didn't go to photo or art school. She hasn't followed a traditional creative path in life, but she is profoundly creative. She has an open heart, an open mind and wide open eyes! I feel so fortunate to be inspired by her passion to create and share - and for her eagerness to break the rules. :)

© Anita Ruivo

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