Sunday, March 22, 2015

the value of great ideas and loyalty

It's no surprise that everyone loves great ideas, and my friend and colleague Shawn MacDonell has loads of them. Now ideas are one thing, but where the real sizzle is, is making those ideas come to life. Shawn definitely has ideas, but he also has the drive and courage to make things happen with his creative company Creativision. This is all great of course, but what I love the most about Shawn, is his loyalty and commitment to friends. The other night Shawn was hosting a table at the ConnectOTT event, while Anita and I were photographing a handful of entrepreneurs for loveOttawa at the event. In fine Shawn MacDonell style, he was proudly wearing our loveOttawa t-shirt under his suit and couldn't wait to share it with us. The point of the story is, Shawn is always the first to shed light on others, and I love that about him!  :)

© Dwayne Brown

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