Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Unexpected Icing on the Cake.

The beauty of creating a project like loveOttawa is being able to drive it in which ever direction you allow or desire. But to be honest, I haven't really wanted to control it too much other than it being a positive conversation or tribute to the kind heart Ottawa proudly wears. I initially created loveOttawa to create a project that would allow me to photograph portraits of people who help make up the dynamic fabric of our city, and I've been so grateful to of photographed so many incredible folks. The unexpected icing on the cake has been to be a part of the forward-moving changes happening everywhere in Ottawa!

As December unveiled itself and the holidays loomed, I wanted to shoot a series of portraits that wouldn't just capture the positive, but would also perhaps influence a positive conversation. So Anita and I set out to photograph a series we call "the 12 days of responsible Christmas celebrating" - a series including some of the best restaurants, hotels and bars in Ottawa sharing their unique and festive non-alcoholic cocktails - drinks that a designated driver could order or perhaps someone who's pregnant. The response to this series has been amazing and so positive. The Ottawa Citizen has ran a story about our series as well as the online blog Apartment 613. Our images from the recent series have been shared and liked on Facebook (including Mothers Against Drunk Driving Ottawa), retweeted and favoured on Twitter and liked by so many Instagramers!

A super big thanks to all of the folks who support loveOttawa, including all the great restauranteurs and bartenders who created some pretty awesome drinks for this series. Please have a safe and happy Christmas!

Niall Robertson-Patterson photographed at El Camino - © Dwayne Brown

Laurie Jones photographed at 222 Lyon Tapas Bar - © Dwayne Brown

Adrian and Will photographed at The Belmont - © Dwayne Brown

Meredith Brown photographed at The HPH - © Dwayne Brown

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