Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#OttawaInsider - Free Download

I was asked a couple weeks ago by Ottawa Tourism to participate with an Instagram initiative called Ottawa Insider - posting images onto my @loveOttawa Instagram with the hashtag #OttawaInsider, then also re-posted by Ottawa Tourism. The whole premise of the project is to share a photographer's unique perspective of Ottawa. Well, I had no idea just how amazing the initiative would be - my followers on that account have almost already doubled in a couple days and I'm able to now share imagery with even more people. And it's also now made the loveOttawa project via Instagram have an even greater positive influence and reach - super cool!

An image that I posted this evening received so many positive comments and likes I've decided to post it here with a link so that people can download it for free with the link below. :)  If you haven't already subscribed to, please do so that I can then send you some invite info for our upcoming loveSummer event happening in August!

© Dwayne Brown

Please use this 'link to download the file'. Feel free to print it, frame it and enjoy it - just please don't use it for any commercial applications without written permission.

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