Friday, April 18, 2014

Face to Face Social Connection

I had a really interesting and insightful conversation with a buddy of mine this afternoon. This friend of mine is also a client and I always learn more from him that I'm ever expecting to. His name is Greg MacDonald. Greg's not a new comer to the ad biz (anyone who's anyone in town knows him - and he knows them). Greg's definitely not shy or hesitant to share his opinions. He's smart and observant - and he has the ability to sculpt sentences and phrases with clever stinging wit. Today I photographed Greg for a creative and personal project of his - a project I am quite honored to be asked to participate in. (Something I'll wait for Greg to launch before I share more about it)

The point of my story is more about what I learned today from my conversation with Greg MacDonald after our shoot - a conversation over a couple of pints at D'Arcy McGee's pub on Sparks downtown. Today in our fast moving social media obsessed world where we tweet, share, tag, text, like and sometimes still even email, it's so easy to lose touch with the most valuable social networking tool - face to face conversation.

While I was sitting across from Greg doing my best to take in all that he had to say (and he has a lot of great things to say), I noticed that he had all of his 'stuff' on the table in front of him. He had taken his watch off, had his wallet on the table, his sun glasses and phone were next to his beer. Just as Greg was sharing his ideas and philosophies - he was also unconsciously sharing his everyday possessions in front of him on the bar table. It was kind of portrait in a way. Cool and revealing. And I would never of had the richness of that subtle experience through digital social connection. Thanks Greg for again teaching me something I hadn't expected to learn - and thanks for the pints!  :)

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