Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 - The Heart & Crown is all Heart!

Christmas. A day like no other, or a day much like any other. It depends I guess on who you are and/or how fortunate you might be. A few years ago I decided to spend some time in the Byward Market on Christmas day handing out BeaverTail's hot chocolate to folks who seemed to not have anywhere else to be on Christmas. I was blown away by how rewarding it was and how awesome the handshakes and heartfelt Christmas wishes were in return. This morning was very much the same humbling experience (thanks Grady and Chloe from BeaverTails for your help). But today I also stumbled upon an incredibly awesome Christmas initiative. The Heart & Crown Pub in the market was putting on it's annual free Christmas lunch for the less fortunate - and the place was full. After asking a few questions of the fellow at the door, Julie from The Heart & Crown took me downstairs into their kitchen so I could take a few snaps of the delicious hot turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy lunches being prepared. So so humbling! If that wasn't enough each person for lunch was also invited to take home a Christmas gift!

The whole experience reminds me just how lucky we all are and that The Christmas spirit is so rich and so humbling. If you can reach out to a stranger in anyway who might be less fortunate than yourself over the holidays or anytime after, you won't regret it - and neither will they. Merry Christmas! :)

© Dwayne Brown

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  1. Glad you're having a particularly merry Christmas!