Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Value of Team

A photograph is just a photograph, but photographing imagery to help move ideas and research forward is so much more and to do it well it's best done with a creatively collaborative team. I'm so fortunate to work with such an excellent team while working on the  University of Ottawa's 'Case for Support' initiative. Designer and art director Romeo Godin has such a innate ability to focus on the small design details of the image while keeping us focused on the overall look of the image so it compliments the brand of the project. Anne Mcllroy is so much more than a writer, she makes each and every one of the researchers we're photographing feel so at ease, respected and understood. She does this while engaging our subjects allowing me to capture their passion for their research, which is key to the imagery.

I'm also so lucky to be supported and complimented by my assistant Maija Hirsimaki, who quietly finesses our lighting and all of the details of our shooting environment. I've been shooting for a pretty long time, and I have to say this team is one of the best I've been apart of. I'm so very fortunate to work with them and to have the opportunity to photograph so many brilliant and innovative minds for the university.

A big thanks to Colin Suen MD/PhD student (who is doing some very cool stem cell research) for being such an awesome subject to photograph yesterday.

© Dwayne Brown

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