Saturday, September 28, 2013

Managing and Guiding The Moving Parts

I've had a really amazing few days shooting in Charlottetown at Confederation Centre of The Arts - capturing behind the scenes and backstage imagery of their two signature shows (Evangeline and Anne of Green Gables - The Musical™). I was given full access to all aspects of the theatre, everything from dressing rooms with and without actors, to back stage during performance and show transitions, to props and wardrobe, to the orchestra pit, to the control booths high above the theatre. I was able to witness and photograph the multitude of people and all aspects of production that are required so the audience gets to see an emotionally moving and seamless performance.

During the few days at the Centre I met tons of people - actors, musicians, the director, the prop master and his team, the stage crew, the wig and wardrobe stylists, lighting and sound techs, production assistants, the marketing team, executives, and Matthew MacInnis the stage manager. On my last day I really wanted to do a portrait of Matt because I was so in awe of his ability to manage all of these dynamic moving parts. It all came together for me when I photographed Matt in his control booth during the Evangeline performance, he was calling all of the production ques and keeping every second of the performance rolling smoothly - managing and guiding the moving parts.

Thank you to all of the creative and skilled folks who were so helpful and kind to me during my few days at the Centre - especially Matt, Garney, Tracey and Deborah.

© Dwayne Brown

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