Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Awesomeness

I ventured down to the epicenter of Canada Day yesterday with my mom, so she could witness the chaotic sea of red&white down at Parliament Hill for the first time. We got a great spot right at the front gate (a perfect spot to see the Prime Minister and Governor General arrive). While we were waiting these two super polite and adorable 10yr old twins (Raven and Phoenix) asked if they could squeeze past me to see better. That of course lead to conversation which is really what the whole Canada Day thing is for me. Canadians are folks who can be strangers but quickly become friends! I not only gave them my spot, but I got to share what little I knew of the timing and process for the PM and the GG arriving - and before I knew it Phoenix handed me his card (so cute)! It said 'The Twin Hearts Project'. Their mom explained it was a project her kids created to raise money and awareness to help others in their community. So amongst the tens of thousands of people trying to get a brief glimpse of just a few figure heads of our country - I got to meet two super important Canadians who are making a difference at their level. How awesome is that! :)

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