Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If A Face Could Tell A Story

All faces tell a story! Some faces are just more detailed and tell a far richer story. Yesterday we got to photograph Ray Cyr at Expographiq, who is one of the owners and has been running the operations at Expographiq for a little less than forever! Ray is the spriest and sharpest 85 year old I've ever met and has probably the best handshake I've experienced. I've known Ray for a little more than a dozen years now and his first question when I see him is always "how is my family?", then he wants to know how I am. He's an iconic leader at Expo and he's held with the highest respect. Yes he's old school (old school is awesome btw!) - he works hard and smart and expects the same from everyone who works for him. Just like a person's face, Expographiq has a rich and dynamic story - and there's no doubt that Ray Cyr is the heart of that story! 

© Dwayne Brown

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