Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brand Trust

I was listening to something the other day on the radio about trusting in a brand, and just how important it is for large corporate brands to build trust and how that translates into revenue. I believe it's just as important when building your personal brand - and as everyone who knows me they know I believe that a personal brand needs to start with photography.

Mike Fraser a financial services consultant here in Ottawa, contacted me a few weeks ago to talk about his personal brand and how photography could help it. For me it's not complicated to capture an image that evokes trust - you keep it simple, natural, positive and authentic. That said, there's always subtleties within the simplicities. Jacket on or jacket off? Tie or no tie, or if we chose a tie - what color would it be? Smile or no smile, or how much smile? All of these subtleties I believe contribute to or take away from how much you trust in an image, therefore how much you trust in that personal brand. This is an exciting time for personal brand development and I believe everyone who does business with others, needs to really work at how they present themselves in this social media hungry time - and I'd love to help!

© Dwayne Brown

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