Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Brand

Yesterday I got to photograph a friend of mine for his personal brand and it reminded me why a photograph is so important and such a critical step in developing your personal brand. It's so much more than a first impression of you, or the literal face of your brand - it's your best opportunity to really think about how you present yourself to your audience. It's more than just what you're wearing, it's also about the tone and emotion of the photograph. In photography we have so much control over how the viewer emotionally responds to the image, by how we capture and present the image. Smile or no smile. B&W vs color. The composition and crop of the photograph. The subtle context of the environment we choose to shoot in. All of these choices change how the viewer sees you and how effectively they trust in your personal brand. I so appreciate that my friend Jean-Yves Blanchard gets all of this and trusted me to capture him the way I did. I wanted the image to convey a sense of trust, experience and confidence, while at the same time not be too stuffy or conservative - and I really wanted the image to engage without the obvious sell of an open smile.  Thanks JY for trusting!

© Dwayne Brown

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