Saturday, May 11, 2013


It's always such a treat to shoot for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute! Earlier this week I was able to spend a few hours photographing an open heart procedure for the Heart Institute's magazine 'The Beat'. It was such a cool experience to be dressed in my own set of sterile scrubs, capturing this amazing team working together. The whole tone and feel of the room was calm yet extremely synchronized, with each team member supporting each other and profoundly focused on the task at hand - keeping the patient's life delicately balanced while they repair her heart. To say I was respectfully humbled to be there capturing this amazing dance would be such an understatement! I'm constantly reminded just how fragile our health can be, while also so appreciative that there are such compassionate and talented healthcare professionals striving to help us with it, and not just maintaining the present level of care for patients - but always pushing it forward!

© Dwayne Brown

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