Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 'End' is Near - It's Right Here, in My Neighborhood!

Some folks may know it already, that I've been casually building a Hintonburg focused neighborhood blog called WellingtonEnd. To be honest, I created the Tumblr-like blog a couple months ago in January when it was just a little too quite work-wise for my liking (I don't like standing still). I wasn't really quite sure what it would or could be, other than a small pet project to perhaps shine some light on the few businesses in my neighborhood that I frequented, while at the same time help me continue to learn the tricky dance of social media. But as this blog grows and evolves I can see that it's a really interesting and powerful social media initiative - with a fair bit of community influence (including very successfully promoting the recent Wellington End Music + Food Festival). WellingtonEnd (the blog) also reminds me that I love meeting new people and connecting them with others - complimenting the community in a way I guess. And as a creative person, I'm also learning or re-learning that I enjoy side projects to help keep me creatively stimulated and current. Okay okay, enough about me trying to understand why I've built the blog! ;) I'd prefer to share a story.

Yesterday kind of sums it up for me in a way - My friend Mano Buckshi, his family and I went down to the small and super successful (nano) brewery called Beyond The Pale to do a little research for a blog post that Mano will write. We hung out with Shane Clark the owner and his staff for almost an hour learning all about their business and of course their beer (it's okay to drink beer before noon if it's for research, right?). The cool elements of the story for me are, that Mano has the opportunity to work on a creative project writing a blog post about something he enjoys, I get to make some new business friends in Hintonburg and we get to tell the brewery's story in WellingtonEnd - which will help their business grow and make new friends for them. A super good win win story for me! So if you have some time to check out WellingtonEnd (the blog), and perhaps even follow us on twitter, that'd be cool - but please know it's still in beginning stages and it's still evolving. You may even want to venture down to the neighborhood and offer up some suggestions over a pint of beer or a cup of coffee - anytime, I love ideas! :)

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