Thursday, February 21, 2013

Collaboration - the critical component to the creative process!

Some people get into photography I think because they want or need a creative outlet. Others perhaps because it's an exciting medium to work in that offers many different experiences. For me, those things are important of course, but what is the bigger or cooler draw, is the collaborative aspects of photography, especially commercial photography!

Brent and I are working on a really cool project right now for the University of Ottawa, photographing some shining stars in the research and education world - and we get to work with such an awesome team! Romeo Godin who is a soft spoken designer who always knows just how to humbly and creatively art direct a photo shoot. Anne Macllroy our writer and researcher, who has a sensitive and very informed way to evoke just the right emotions from our subjects. And of course an awesome behind the scenes team back in the communications department offices (France and Nathalie), who make sure we're all in the right place and right time - and of course chasing the right creative content! The other critical collaborators in this creative process are our photo subjects - we couldn't create imagery that communicates, without their patience and generosity of their work! I'm very grateful that Brent and I get to work with such professional and creative people! :)

© Reinier deSmit

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