Thursday, January 31, 2013

lost luggage - perspective intact

I had a day of fairly straight forward travel in front of me today - heading to Charlottetown PEI to photograph some portraits for The Confederation Centre of the Arts tomorrow. But as it turned out, the universe had a slightly different plan in store for me. It started off with a delayed departure out of Ottawa (pretty easy), then a fairly turbulent but short flight to Montreal. Then instead of staying on our plane to continue onto Charlottetown, the flight crew oddly asked us to depart and go chat with customer service. It was a super long line up to finally find out from a really lovely mom-like customer agent named Anne, that they had cancelled our flight because of weather and the soonest I could get to my destination would be late tomorrow afternoon (not good considering I had a full day of shooting tomorrow). But my very understanding client was cool to postpone the shoot till Monday. So now I head down with my hotel and meal voucher in hand to collect my luggage (photo equipment), only to find out that they lost it - or more accurately just didn't know where the luggage from the flight was. :(

So to make a long story only a bit longer, as I was waiting along with other passengers for our lost luggage and stranded in a city I wasn't supposed to be - it made me think or ask myself......."how bad is this really? When do I freak out at the relatively innocent Air Canada staff?" Then I thought, I'm have my health, I have family and very dear loved ones who love me, I have a place to sleep tonight and I'll get to my destination tomorrow (the sky had not really fallen). Today was just a day, a day of challenge yes - but so many others have much much more challenging days - challenging lives. Today taught be that days of challenge should really give us perspective and appreciation - not frustration. We're all much luckier than we think, me included. Some of us are actually the luckiest! :)

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  1. So true :) we could have seen each other! Karl and I were there! Have fun :)

  2. I hope you and Karl have an amazing time, and please be safe (the dad in me)! :)