Thursday, November 8, 2012

LinkedIn Means Business

It's funny, I find myself listening to myself tell my clients and friends about the power of LinkedIn - and I find myself sounding a little pushy and preachy. But I guess it's because I feel so strongly about it, not just because of the strength of it's high Google ranking but it's ability to help people build and share their personal brand. (Apparently it's even considerably better for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook) Now I'm not a brand specialist or a marketer - I'm a photographer. And I'm passionate about helping people present the best personal image of themselves as possible. Here's the pitch or perhaps the strong suggestion - if you have a LinkedIn profile, Google will do it's job helping your clients or network easily find it - but you need to make sure you're presenting your image the best you can. How you present yourself with your written profile is critical, but so is your profile photo - it's kind of how you show up electronically to a client meeting. It should be professional and it should share personality, and I can help you do that! Whether you're an executive, a creative, a business student, or anyone who does business with others - you need a professional profile photo for LinkedIn!

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