Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Choice - Project Lemonade

Lemonade - who doesn't love lemonade!? And everyone loves a choice, everyone deserves a choice. That's exactly what Melanie Adrian strongly believes, especially women faced with surgical treatment choices for fighting breast cancer. I photographed Melanie Adrian and her Project Lemonade team of dedicated and passionate women the other day. Melanie is using Project Lemonade to share information with woman across Canada, that they have a variety of surgical options for the treatment of breast cancer.

Cancer touches us all, and it's very close to my heart - but I'm reminded that despite cancer's daunting and gripping hand, the human spirit is much stronger and brighter. I've learned that generosity, kindness and courage is always stronger than any illness. My hat is profoundly off to Melanie and her team, to survivors of cancer and to all of the courageous women who are fighting cancer and other illnesses. Your fight is our fight.

© Dwayne Brown

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