Saturday, October 13, 2012


Admittedly I'm not a concert music aficionado, but I do love photographing it and being around it. I love experiencing the passion and expertise of the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Every time I get to photograph them in concert I learn a little more - I also get learn about the dynamics between the musicians and personalities. The one musician I've always been most intrigued by is Yosuke Kawasaki, the orchestra's concertmaster. He's quiet, humble and focused backstage, and on stage he's an absolute treat to watch play! He plays with an always passionate and energetic style (as if each night he's playing the best he's ever played). If you look up the definition of concertmaster, you'll see it means the leader of the violin section, but I believe Yosuke brings so much more to the NAC's orchestra - he brings a level of creative and passionate excellence to the concert experience!

© Dwayne Brown

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