Wednesday, September 5, 2012

theXposed Project Goes Back to School

theXposed Project has been super fun over the past month and I've discovered that it has a very interesting and positive reach with people. So I thought I would use the project to not only share a print and a smile with a single recipient, but to also use the project to shed some light on some much deserving non-profits. September is back-to-school month, so I'll be sharing some information about non-profits that reflect education - starting with the awesome folks of The Youville Centre!

The Youville Centre turns 25 this year and they are doing some incredible work helping young moms finish their high-school education while their little ones are being cared for in their onsite daycare. I've spent a bunch of time over at the centre and it truly is a special place that not only helps the young moms focus on their education, but also gives them the resources to be even better parents! You can find out more about the centre at

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