Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Exposed Project

This might be all a bit odd or silly, but as an experiment or project, I'll be giving photography away - one print at a time. I'll be posting an envelope in different locations and relying on people's curiosity to open it up, to find a small free archival print. (and of course using twitter and instagram to document the process and location) Feel free to follow the project via twitter at @exposedproject and instagram via #exposedproject

© Dwayne Brown


  1. I like the name!

  2. Thanks for spearheading the idea, Karen!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to do a similar project, but with a little twist, here in the US. I am calling it The Look Around You Project. I am giving away my photography and asking anyone who finds my free nature photo to take time and photograph a natural object or space they find beautiful, and to then post it to the facebook page I started. My hope is to bring more awareness of the beauty of nature that surrounds us in our everyday lives! I literally just officially started it yesterday, so I will have to see how it goes!!

  4. Tracy,

    This is so awesome and such a wonderful idea! Please share your project when you get rolling on it. All the best and good luck to you and your project!



  5. I will definitely share when it gets rolling! Thanks so much for the inspiration!