Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Always About the People....... Always!

We just returned from a long few days shooting out of town for The Great Waterway tourism folks - mostly in Prince Edward County (The County!). The coolest part of this ongoing TGW project is always the people we get to meet and photograph. On this leg of the project, one of our favorite people we got to spend time with, was Graham Sayers - the owner of a cool little café in Picton named Chesterfields! Graham's café is a big MUST if you visit Picton this summer - he'll tell you about his kids, his wife Vicky, a few stories and he'll spin awesome records while he cooks for you! (and his cooking is incredible) Thanks so much Graham, for being so generous with your conversation, your music and your suggestions!

© Dwayne Brown


  1. I really like Graham and I've never even met him!
    karen B

  2. He's the nicest and coolest guy in the County! And yes those are his kid's paintings behind him! :)