Sunday, June 17, 2012

"I Get to be a Dad" Day

Father's Day has always felt a bit odd to me, or maybe just the 'Hallmark' nature of the day. For me as a dad, it's a day like every other day - a day that I get to be a dad to two very unique and amazing kids, Claire and Alex. My daughter Claire has a heart like no other, and a smile and a hug that always melts my heart. My son Alex has a mind and a curiosity that totally boogles my mind and he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge that I am totally in awe of. I'm so immensely proud of both of them!

So for me, today isn't a day that celebrates who I am, but more importantly who I get to be. Today I'm humbly reminded I have the amazing privilege and responsibility to guide and nurture two amazing people, my kids!

© Alex and Dwayne Brown - NYC 2012

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