Sunday, April 1, 2012

Junos Awards Gala

Brent, Lucia and I had an awesome shoot and experience Saturday shooting at the JUNO Award's Gala. We were hired by XMC (a sports and entertainment marketing agency out of Toronto) to photograph nominees, celebrities and music industry executives against a TD and JUNO'S branded backdrop - then to produce finished prints for them by the time they finished their award's dinner. I know the exciting part of the story should be getting the shoot cool music folks, but for us the true cool story is that we had a very tricky needle to thread - shoot a large amount of high profile people in a short amount of time, then turn a large number finished prints around in a record time for them to take home.

Sonia Houle and her team from XMC were such a class act to work with and the people we got to photograph were so amazingly nice! The icing on the cake for us was to hang out and shoot more music folks at the end of the night, and to hear how appreciative everyone was to get a finished printed memento of their evening at the JUNO Award's Gala. It was such an awesome day! :)

© Dwayne Brown

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