Sunday, February 26, 2012

Power of Authentic

Anyone who knows me or knows my work, probably recognizes that I'm a big fan of imagery that is authentic and real. I love imagery that is honest! And there isn't a better or more suited place for authentic imagery than in corporate communications - whether that be an annual report, a corporate website or a business brochure or magazine.

The use of authentic and honest imagery, I believe gives a corporate brand leverage and currency, while at that same time buys customer's and viewer's trust. The tricky part is in how that imagery is created, because there's an infinite number of ways of showing that authenticity - and of course every organization wants to put their best foot forward!

For me it's very important to not only understand the organization's brand I'm shooting for, but what they specifically want to say with the imagery. In the case of this project I shot for Canadian Blood Services, it was important to show the professionalism, the integrity and the compassion behind this executive's approach to his job. It was important to have him talking and not posing - and very important to show him in his office surrounded by his children's drawings and personal things (all of which helped make his photos more approachable yet professional.) Authenticity can indeed be very powerful!

© Dwayne Brown - shot for Canadian Blood Services

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