Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creative Recipe

I guess over the years I've been mostly known for photographing faces, and I definitely do love doing that! But this week was a really cool challenge and experience - we had two long and intense days shooting food for an emerging frozen food client for the folks at FIFTY Strategy and Creative.

As in every really successful project, the coolest part of the experience is the collaborative team involved. And we had such a great team this week! Clare Brennan of Fifty is always a treat to work with, with his innate eye for detail and his determined sureness of creative direction and approach. Jarrah Thomas-Reynolds (also the chef at The Manx), our creative culinary maestro cooking and styling each dish for us. Cynthia, Jarrah's partner in crime who helped us immensely on our last day. And my assistant Matt who tirelessly wrangled surfaces, lights, mirrors, digital management, and snack and beer runs for us. :)

The point of the story for me is, it's all about the creative recipe - the right folks respectfully and creatively collaborating to help bring imagery to life, in turn bringing a client's brand to life - this week I believe we had exactly that! Thanks Clare, Jarrah, Cynthia and Matt! :)

© Dwayne Brown

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