Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Le Mien

I just met with a photographer for coffee this morning. Yes a photographer, even though she's still coming to terms with that title. Her name is Kim and she's been working on a lengthy and honorable project that she calls Le Mien. It's a project photographing 100 strangers in Ottawa. I liked many things about meeting and chatting with Kim - I enjoyed her confident humility, I really liked her passion for meeting and telling people's story, I loved how she described her husband Darcy as 'her winning the lottery', and I just liked how nice she was. :)

Apparently Le Mien translates to meaning 'mine', but after meeting Kim, learning about her project and seeing the generosity in her photographs - I think perhaps it might be better translated to meaning 'yours'!

© Dwayne Brown

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  1. Concur. She's the nicest person on the internet - plus her blog posts are little snippets of pure beauty.