Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was lucky enough to spend the better part of last week in Manhattan with my son Alex. Alex has a super keen eye - not just for photography but for everything, especially architecture. His eye is determinedly discerning and his mind is firmly focused and creative. This was our 4th father and son trip to NYC in the past couple years and some would argue that it's a bit extravagant, but it's such an inspiring city for both of us.

Can you really put a price on inspiration for a father and son to share together? :)

© Dwayne Brown


  1. WOW NYC: It's nice you have a son name Alex l like that name. Who named him you or Donna? nic pic he is going to be an eye catcher for the girls so watch out for Alex. LOL.

  2. Thanks, he was named after Donna's father. He's a super nice boy. :)