Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matt from Away

Today was Matt's (our recent intern assistant from PEI) last day. It's been a fun and super productive week and half for all of us. I really like the idea of intern students if they're smart and nice and if we've got the right kind of work to be busy on so they can learn while they're here. All the stars were nicely aligned with Matt's internship. He got to participate with some client meetings, location scouting and shooting, hauling all of our studio to another location to set up an interim studio, digital production, he even got to shoot an editorial magazine shoot for a Calgary magazine for me (and did an awesome job with it!). To top off the week and a half we even introduced him to a famous meatball sandwich at 'The Prescott' and some authentic poutine across the river in Gatineau. :)

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