Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time Flies

Considering Dec 20th marks another birthday passing for yours truly, I thought I'd post this image for a couple of reasons. One, to prove that there was a day that I looked pretty young and handsome in a suit - and secondly, to prove I haven't always had a beard. ;)

Seriously, the marking of another year always reminds me just how lucky I am. I'm healthy, I have two awesome kids whom I'm enormously proud of, I have a loyal group of very supportive close friends (one in particular who has taught me to have faith in myself and to believe in the invisible), and I'm also reminded I have the best job in the world!

It's been a great year working on some exceptional projects, with and for some really wonderful people. And I've been supported by a couple of the city's best assistants - Brent and Lindsay!

So as I'm reminded how time really does fly, I'm also appreciating just how lucky I truly am. :)

© Donius Brown


  1. Looking snazzy!
    Happy birthday.

  2. Look at that smile! (psst... you left the door open : )