Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Merry Christmas - What does it mean? What does it really mean? It's something we've all heard quite a bit this week, and today of course. It's how people answer the phone today or what the checkout girl said to you as you bagged your own groceries this week, and it's what friends and family members say to each other as they exchange gifts. But today I heard it from a bunch of total strangers on the street. From the kind of strangers that most of us don't even make eye contact with. And when these folks said it, they really meant it.

Today I went for a walk downtown and then into the Market. I wanted to do a walk and take some photos, not sure of what exactly. I've always struggled with the day - a special day in the year that we all, who already have so much, give even more to each other. It's a predetermined day to shop, wrap, give and get. Today I wanted to go to my bank machine, then meet some deserving strangers and just give them something with nothing in return.

Now I've never gotten preachy with my blog, except to open our eyes and hearts to the simple and beautiful that is often right in front of us. Maybe that's what this post is about too. Today I saw and met some folks (all men), that didn't have a home for the holidays, or a tree, or a family, or a pile of gifts to help them celebrate this day. But all of them had a smile and handshake for me as I put a little something in their hands. And they all offered me a very generous Merry Christmas!

Did I do this today for them or for me? Good question. It's doesn't really matter really, because today I learned that the expression Merry Christmas is intended to make both parties feel nice, and it did! :)

© Dwayne Brown


  1. Thanks Dwayne. Beautiful words. And as always, great shots.

    Brian Hanington

  2. Good for you D. That's the best Christmas story I've heard in a very long time. The guy with the sign is obviously a clever dude, makes you wonder what his story is. It seems to me that this is his choice not his fate.

  3. Yes I agree, likely a choice. Either way, the lesson for me was to offer respect and warmth to these folks and not walk past. It was a super nice way for me to spend a bit of my Christmas. :)

    And maybe fate and choice are somewhat poetically intertwined.