Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

It's one in the morning, a couple days before Christmas and I'm strongly reminded that I don't have any traditional Christmas traditions. (and I'm okay with that)

I just got back from a quick 11 hour round trip to Toronto with my 11yr old son Alex to pick up his sister Claire to bring her home for Christmas. Yeah I know it would of been much easier and probably cheaper to of just bought her the train ticket. But I wouldn't of had all that time in the car this afternoon with my son on the way, just chatting about stuff while we shared bad-for-you timbits. And what price can you put on hearing fun stories about retail drama from Claire's part-time job at Victoria's Secret?

What price can you put on any of this? You just can't.

For me I guess the best Christmas tradition is just being where my kids are, as much as possible - doing what ever. Christmas is truly for kids - hug yours and hang on tight to them. Happy Christmas!

© Dwayne Brown


  1. Sometimes the best holiday gift (and tradition) you can have is time together.

    In our large, extended family we have no traditions other than being together (for a day or a week, whatever we can all manage) during the holidays - spread out all over the country for the rest of the year, it's the one time where we all do the best we can to be "home" with our loved ones, and I would have it no other way.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. so well said Robyn!

    I love your eye and your voice!

    have a super time with your family, Happy Christmas!