Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've never been quite able to put my finger on it - 'why air travel is such an inspiring time for me?'. Perhaps it's the feeling that the time spent on a plane is kind of temporarily frozen - which offers the opportunity to reflect and to take account of things.

© Dwayne Brown

I love to take advantage of this inflight opportunity to evince where I am and where I want to go - personally and creatively (which tends to be the same for me). For me, at a time when the business of photography is changing and transforming, I continue to be so excited to be a photographer. Culturally and historically photographers tend to be who society looks to for our in-sight - for our sense of observation.

Today more and more people are becoming photographers or at least they are recording their lives and experiences - and of course they're sharing this imagery at a dizzying pace. What excites me as a commercial photographer is the growing demand and appetite for honest 'real' imagery with a sense of authenticity, which is a big part of my commercial and corporate photography style.

As I look out over the wing at 39,000 ft, I'm reminded just how lucky I am - lucky to have such great people in my life and lucky to participate in such an exciting and ever evolving business and art-form.

Eyes and heart open, camera in hand and life moving forward.

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