Friday, June 4, 2010

Smile - The Inspiration of a Blog.

I was out this evening for a bit with a couple of new friends, Leila and Sam - they're in town for a short working stint from the UK. A super nice couple! Leila's a writer doing some work for Guerilla Magazine and we were talking about the value of observation and 'seeing' - and how it helps what we do as a writer and a photographer. I know I's obvious for me as a photographer, but you can be a photographer and not really have your eyes open.

I was telling Leila how my blog helps me as a photographer by it's hunger for imagery, and how inspired I am to feed it. And that I am always looking - always seeing. I told her how even a small piece of fruit in a drink can have beauty and interest. Now I know a close up an orange slice isn't a life changing artistic statement, but it is a lesson to enjoy and to appreciate the small things in life - something we all can do easily and maybe even by doing it, evoke a smile. :)

© Dwayne Brown

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