Saturday, June 19, 2010


Who knew buying a scooter would be so fun and such a cool experience? And no it's not a half baked attempt at a mid-life crisis, just having a little fun scooting when I'm not shooting! It's made just driving from here to there a fun experience.

It's just such a different driving experience - so much more sensory than driving in a car. On a scooter you feel every bump in the road - every curve, you feel the ever persistent resistance of the wind and you even get to experience the fragrances along the way. (oh yeah....and you can park almost anywhere you like)

I also really love the imperative focus that you need to have the entire time while you're on the bike, you have to be so in control of every moment and be totally mindful of not only what you're doing but also everyone else.

All in all, I'm loving getting to know my new Italian friend 'Pearl' and I'm definitely enjoying the RIDE!

© Dwayne Brown

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