Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hallmark Got it Wrong

It's nice that the folks at Hallmark or who ever decides on our holidays, came up with a day for dads. But fathers know that it's not June 20th that is really Father's Day. (And no I'm not going to be cliché and say every day is either) Throughout the year there are many days that stand out (different for everyone), and the true Father's Days are likely days that are not fun and definitely are not about us. They might be a day that we have to teach our kids life lessons, or a day when we need to bail them out of trouble, or pick them up at 2:00 in the morning because they got stranded somewhere, or just a day to hang out with them.

To be a father - a dad, is an awesome challenge some days, others it's so easy and fun, but always it's a responsibility. A responsibility to watch over, to teach and guide, to make unpopular decisions, to be super patient and to always love.

June 20th - Father's Day, for me is a day for my kids. They are both super smart and creative, so different from each other in many ways, and most importantly both really really nice kids.

Thanks Hallmark, but I'd prefer to call today Claire and Alex Day. My kids! :)

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