Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Age of Innocence and Evolving Maturity.

Ten years old. It's a magical age - somewhere between the innocence of childhood and the discovery of becoming a teenager. Yesterday I photographed Katy, a really special ten year old. I've known her for a good part of her life and she is always full of life, full of stories, super kind and she always has a smile for everyone.

As photographers we have the control to capture what we want - so much control and an immense responsibility really. I didn't want to capture Katy's unstoppable energy (everyone already sees it), but I wanted to try and capture that delicate balance between her innocence and her evolving maturity. I wanted to try and capture a bit of who she is when no one is looking.

Thanks Clare and Jen! And of course thanks Katy!

© Dwayne Brown


  1. Love these photos Dwayne. I really like how you've captured the vulnerability and confidence in her face, eyes and stance. I need to get some more family/kid photos done - I'll talk to you at the next Amanda Dinner.
    karen buckshi

  2. Bravo - (to you, Jen and Clare)