Friday, April 30, 2010

The Tour

Last night's NAC dance performance with Saburo Teshigawara was pretty amazing to say the least! It border lined on dream like and bizarre, yet ethereal. An hour long one man show with Saburo moving his body in almost machine like precision, and just a really cool crazy soundtrack. It was one of the most intense hours of performance I've ever seen.

Before the show we had a full backstage tour along with some other bloggers from around town. The tour included the Theatre, the labyrinth of backstage hallways, a backstage explanation of the unique stage construction for the performance, then a wonderful and informative conversation with Cathy Levy (the NAC's Dance Producer). Cathy is truly the heart of the NAC's Dance Program, she is so passionate about dance and the artists that she is bringing to Ottawa.

When I told Cathy Levy that I was still learning about dance, she said "don't worry, you'll be addicted soon".
I think I'm fast on my way. :)

All images © Dwayne Brown


  1. REALLY like this imagery! Tells a story without throwing it in your face. Good stuff.

  2. I work as a corporate photographer and live in Singapore. Your images are inspiring. We are a very built up city and getting outdoors at time is not easy. Thanks for sharing.