Friday, April 16, 2010

Symbiotic Street Smarts

I spent a bit of time at the Youth Services Bureau downtown drop-in centre today. (I'm trying to regularly do some work for them to help them tell their story). They do some really great work, helping teens who find themselves in a variety of difficulties - some without a home, some with addiction problems, some needing help finding work, some in need of food, and all in need of friends. The YSB drop-in centre is a safe place where these kids can find friendship, resources of all kinds, community, and maybe most importantly respect. I strongly believe it's this respect, that helps these kids find their footing.

It's interesting, I had posted these portraits and thought that these kids all have somewhat of a symbiotic relationship with each other without even knowing it - then I thought I also have a similar relationship with them, but a creative one. I get creatively jazzed by shooting such honest and compelling faces and the YSB in-turn gets to use some strong imagery to help them tell their story so they can continue to help more kids. Either way....if I can shoot some imagery that can help some kids, then I'm in!

All images © Dwayne Brown

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