Monday, April 5, 2010

Quality Control (but not too much - control that is)

I tend to shoot a lot of 'education' imagery for the various schools and universities in Ottawa. And I really love it to be honest. My style tends to be more about not controlling the scene and taking advantage of what's going on, as opposed to moving people around and/or contriving the situation. I just find there's so much quality and currency in the honesty and reality of students, and when you control them too much you tend to lose that honesty. Not to say I don't fix or adjust things a bit, but never too much.

This shoot from last week for Carleton is a good example where we moved students around a wee bit but then just let them do their thing. (I'd rather control the image with my camera angle and selecting the right moments in time to capture.).

All images © Dwayne Brown

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  1. Dwayne—these are sweet. The colour! Very smart installing the green chalkboard before the shoot.