Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Perpetual Movement of Time.

When you have children you always have the constant reminder that time is perpetually moving forward - never standing still. My son Alex very graciously turned 11 this week, thus reminding me that yet another year has passed. Time is different for 11 year-olds than it is for us adults, it tends to move slower for them. Each year - an eternity for them yet a fleeting blink for us. Do you remember how long a summer holiday felt when you were a kid, it seemed like it went on forever.

The big reminder for me as I look at this photo of the two of us, is even though he thinks he'll be a kid forever, I know he's wrong. And that I need to appreciate every moment I'm with him - to enjoy all of the innocent, goofy and curious moments that an 11 year son can present.

Happy Birthday Alex, and thanks for being such a cool kid!

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