Saturday, April 10, 2010

At what point?

At what point does someone start to call themselves a photographer? And I'm not talking about commercial photography, that's a whole other thing. I guess I mean a photographer who captures images seriously to help convey emotions and ideas or a perspective. Maybe that's the answer - when that person starts to seriously and intentionally capture their own point of view. Is it a question of quality or content? I vote more for content and intention.

I wanted to use this weekend post, to share some images that aren't mine. They were shot by a good friend of mine, Pam Avis. Now Pam isn't a full time photographer, she's way too busy for that. She's a full time high school teacher and a full time mom, two extremely important and time consuming jobs, but she still finds time and makes opportunities to get out and search for images to shoot. And she pulls off some pretty nice images, like these ones. So in my opinion my friend Pam should definitely start calling herself a photographer, somewhere just after 'Mom' and a bit before 'teacher'. :)

All images © Pam Avis

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  1. Pam has amazing pictures.. many more where these come from.