Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carleton Kaleidacolor

We were shooting at Carleton University today, doing some relatively straight-forward classroom stuff. Then we also had a profile portrait to do of a student - a student who's doing some cool studies and a someone we hadn't yet met. Now Carleton students are a typically conservative crowd. Nice looking kids - jeans, branded t-shirts, ball caps, pretty straight-ahead presentations. Anyway.......we're meeting our student (Amy Campagna) in the open Galleria space by the campus Starbucks, and out from the crowd of 'similar'ness came Amy. She was beaming with a smile and wore a kaleidoscopic array of color.

She was such a treat to photograph. And not just because of her unique and independent fashion statement, but because of her soft yet definite confidence and the openness of her smile.

© Dwayne Brown

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