Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Over the Shoulder.

While we were working on some business for the NAC for English Theatre this afternoon, Brent was taking some snaps and it made me think......just how funny it is that we now live and work in a time when we not only don't mind folks looking over our shoulder, we actually encourage it. It's just part of the collaborative process.

And I guess when I say collaborative process, I mean I let folks into my process, to compliment it. One thing I've learned over the years, is that as much as I like collaboration I also really like to steer the shoot (in my own way). A creative director once told me a long time ago (a couple life-times ago I might add) that he was there in my studio for me to tell him how we were going to do the shoot, not the other way around.

For me, today - this photo showed me a lot. It gave me a opportune perspective, to see the folks looking over my shoulder (which I of course never get to see) - the discerning eyes, the scrutiny tempered with trust. It's an ongoing and welcomed responsibility to build that trust and to instill that confidence with our clients.

© Brent Gervais

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